Countries Must Increase Aid, Fulfill Funding Pledges As U.N. Continues To Respond To Humanitarian Crises

New York Times: Caring for the Other Refugees
Editorial Board

“…Despite repeated appeals to member states, the United Nations has received only $1.67 billion of the $4.5 billion it needs this year for Syrian refugees in neighboring countries. This is unconscionable. … With nearly 60 million people displaced by conflicts worldwide that show no sign of ending soon, permanently underfinanced United Nations agencies simply cannot meet the desperate need. Member nations should be assessed for contributions to the organization’s major humanitarian agencies in the same way they are now called upon to contribute to its regular budget. Until then, Jordan, Turkey, and Lebanon need more development assistance to help them cope with the millions of Syrian refugees they have taken in. Rich countries — including Saudi Arabia and the gulf states — need to increase their donations to the United Nations immediately. And nations that have made pledges but haven’t fulfilled them need to pay up” (9/8).