Countries Across Africa Begin To Face Challenge Of Obesity

New York Times: In Kenya, and Across Africa, an Unexpected Epidemic: Obesity
“…In Africa, the world’s poorest continent, malnutrition is stubbornly widespread and millions of people are desperately hungry, with famine conditions looming in some war-torn countries. But in many places, growing economies have led to growing waistlines. Obesity rates in sub-Saharan Africa are shooting up faster than in just about anywhere else in the world, causing a public health crisis that is catching Africa, and the world, by surprise. … African doctors say their public health systems have been so focused on AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, and tropical fevers — historically, Africa’s big killers — that few resources are left for what are called noncommunicable diseases, like diabetes and heart ailments…” (Gettleman/Kayama, 1/27).