Controlling, Eliminating Global AIDS Possible With Continued Support Of PEPFAR

The Hill: Over 14 million lives saved thanks to the U.S. emergency plan for AIDS relief
Deborah L. Birx, U.S. global AIDS coordinator and U.S. special representative for global health diplomacy at the U.S. Department of State

“…On the 15th anniversary of PEPFAR’s enactment, the program continues to receive strong bipartisan support, which has spanned three U.S. presidential administrations and eight U.S. Congresses. … PEPFAR continues to expand its remarkable and cost-effective impact, moving the AIDS pandemic from crisis toward control. Over the past two years, to ensure a future generation free of the virus, PEPFAR has dramatically increased its investment in HIV prevention services, which are already working to decrease new infections. … As we celebrate 15 years of saving lives, we are seizing the historic opportunity — for the first time in modern history — to control a pandemic without a vaccine or a cure, laying the groundwork for eventually eliminating HIV. PEPFAR was born out of the belief that we could make the impossible possible. Today, that belief is becoming a reality” (5/22).