Congress Should Pass 2015 Global Food Security Act, Help End Cycle Of Hunger

Devex: A mother’s daunting task
Cat Cora, co-founder of Chefs for Humanity

“…The United States’ Global Food Security Act of 2015 (S.1252 and H.R.1567) requires a comprehensive and coordinated strategy for global food security that focuses on women and smallholder producers and leverages best natural resource management practices. This bill maintains and improves U.S. programs in developing countries that increase sustainable and equitable agricultural development, reduce global hunger, and improve nutrition. The Global Food Security Act also requires a strategic, effective, and transparent approach to U.S. food security assistance, with annual reporting to both Congress and the American public. Join me in urging the passage of this bill and changing the trajectory of the current food crisis. It’s critical that we prioritize these issues for mothers and their families around the world” (9/24).