Congress Should Ensure Efficiency, Effectiveness Of U.S. Global Health Investments

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Healthy world: Congress must ensure that USAID works
Editorial Board

“…Reforms mandated by Congress — including a coordinated strategy and targeting of resources, as well as ongoing congressional oversight — are needed to ensure that USAID continues to work effectively to save impoverished children and mothers. … HR 1567, proposed by Rep. Christopher Smith, R-N.J., and approved unanimously in April by the House Foreign Affairs Committee, would require USAID to set clear, measurable, and transparent goals. It calls for a comprehensive and strategic approach to promoting agriculture-led economic development and reducing global poverty and hunger, especially for women and children. Dozens of anti-poverty and public health advocacy groups offered input on the bill, which is worth the full House’s support. It would mean better returns on U.S. investments in global health — returns measured by millions of lives saved and more stable communities and nations” (6/23).