U.S. Congress Must Uphold U.S. Funding To UNFPA To Support Women, Youth In Crises

The Hill: Trump’s global funding cut harms women, youth
Hiba Zayadin, research assistant at Human Rights Watch

“…Funding from the United States has been instrumental in enabling [the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)] to deliver lifesaving services in humanitarian settings. … Given the Trump administration’s determination to halt U.S. funding for the population fund, its services to people living in some of the world’s most difficult and dangerous situations face an uncertain future. … For the thousands of Syrian residents of Zaatari [refugee] camp … and for the people around the world who benefit from the population fund’s programs, Congress should take action to halt the cutoff of U.S. funding to UNFPA. By cutting the funding for these programs, the U.S. is harming vulnerable Syrian refugees and many other people around the world who have nowhere else to turn” (9/1).