Congress Must Recognize Investment In Biomedical Research Now Will Pay Off In Future Outbreaks

The Hill: Will support for biomedical research be dead on arrival?
Claire Pomeroy, president of the Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation

“…The investments that the NIH and other U.S. funders made in the 1990s are paying off today … But I worry about the future. If it takes 15-to-25 years for fundamental discoveries to turn into clinical cures, where will the cures come from 15-to-25 years from now? Obama has asked Congress to support proposals to increase funding for biomedical research, a move that he argues will usher in a ‘new era in medicine’ … Will this proposal too be D.O.A.? Or will legislators see the folly in chasing diseases like AIDS and Ebola from behind and recommit to adequate and predictable funding of the full spectrum of biomedical research?” (1/29).