Conflict Driving Cholera Outbreak, Food Insecurity In Yemen

Associated Press: From destruction to cholera, Yemen war brings disasters
“…In May, a senior U.N. humanitarian official declared that Yemen was site of ‘the world’s largest food security crisis.’ More than 17 million desperately need food, and nearly seven million of those are ‘one step away from famine.’ Last week came the newest horrible superlative. The World Health Organization said Yemen faced ‘the worst cholera outbreak in the world.’ … Those nightmares come on top of other intertwined effects of the war…” (Michael, 6/29).

ScienceInsider: Cholera vaccine faces major test in war-torn Yemen
“Imagine a poor, war-ravaged country the size of Spain where more than 20 million people are threatened by a deadly disease that’s spreading fast from city to city. You have one million doses of a vaccine at your disposal. Who would you try to protect? That’s the question facing public health experts and international groups fighting an explosive cholera outbreak in Yemen…” (Kupferschmidt, 6/28).

USA TODAY: Yemen faces worst cholera outbreak in the world, health authorities say
“…The [cholera] outbreak has surpassed 200,000 cases, and that number is growing by 5,000 a day, [international health authorities] say. … More than 1,300 people have already died — one quarter of them children — and the death toll is expected to rise…” (Toy, 6/28).