Competing U.S., Russia Resolutions On Venezuela Fail To Pass U.N. Security Council

New York Times: Russia Blocks Venezuela Measure at U.N., Calling It a U.S. Ploy for Regime Change
“Calling it a ‘mere pretext’ for sinister intent, Russia vetoed an American resolution in the United Nations Security Council on Thursday for new elections and unhindered distribution of humanitarian aid in Venezuela. It was the latest clash in a Cold War-style quarrel playing out amid the chaos unfolding in Venezuela, once Latin America’s most prosperous country…” (Schwirtz, 2/28).

U.N. News: Venezuela: Competing U.S., Russia resolutions fail to pass in Security Council
“…Neither text was adopted as the U.S. draft was vetoed and the Russian draft failing to secure enough votes in favor. It was the third Council meeting seeking solutions to Venezuela’s ‘protracted crisis’ since tensions started escalating in January, when Juan Guaidó, head of the country’s National Assembly, challenged the legitimacy of the sitting President, Nicolás Maduro, who has been in power since 2013 and who was sworn in again for a second term, on 10 January…” (2/28).