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Colombia To End Herbicide Spraying In Coca Fields, Recognizing Health Concerns

NPR: Colombia Will End Coca Crop-Dusting, Citing Health Concerns
“…Over the years, Colombian police planes have sprayed [coca] fields with a powerful weed killer. It’s part of a government program to destroy coca leaves, which are used to make cocaine. Since it began in 1994, the program has received more than $2 billion in U.S. funding. Now, due to health concerns, the Colombian government has decided to ground the spray planes…” (Otis, 5/15).

PBS NewsHour: Colombia to end anti-drug crop dusting amid health concerns
“…There is a research arm of the World Health Organization which said that it could possibly cause cancer in humans. So that caused quite a controversy here in Colombia, although there had been criticism about fumigation for many, many years…” (Sreenivasan/Forero, 5/16).