Collaboration Key To Addressing Global Water Crisis

Inter Press Service: The Earthquake in Indonesia: How Collaboration Impacts the Global Water Crisis
George C. Greene IV, president and chief operating officer of Water Mission

“…[T]hrough continued collaboration, we believe humanitarians, nonprofits, governments, and communities can come together and forge an alliance to address one of the world’s most basic needs: water. Our hope is that, even after [the Indonesian quake-tsunami] disaster vanishes from the headlines, people will not forget but will unite and advocate to change the harrowing statistics. Every day, 2,300 people die from waterborne illnesses directly tied to a lack of access to safe water and compromised sanitation hygiene and each one of these deaths is preventable. In disasters, conditions are infinitely worse, compelling us to respond as quickly as possible. We know that people need safe water to live, and we are working diligently on multiple fronts to address this need in Indonesia. … When we work together and empower each other, we can make a bigger impact and tackle overwhelming problems like the global water crisis…” (10/16).