Climate Talks Close With Last-Minute Compromise

“Developed countries and fast-growing economies have reached a last-minute compromise to avert a breakdown of climate talks in Warsaw, working towards the outline of a new United Nations pact in 2015 to slow down global warming,” Al Jazeera America reports (11/24). “Under the agreement, settled in the early hours of Sunday morning after more than 36 hours of non-stop negotiations, countries have until the first quarter of 2015 to publish their plans,” The Guardian writes, adding, “This process is seen as essential to achieving a new global deal on emissions at a crunch conference in Paris in late 2015, for which the fortnight-long Warsaw conference was supposed to lay the groundwork” (Harvey, 11/24). “But negotiators in Warsaw failed to agree on key details, such as what the plans should include and how they should be evaluated,” Politico Pro notes. “Delegates hope to reach agreement on a major climate pact in Paris that would take effect in 2020,” the news service writes, adding, “The negotiations are part of a broader, two-decade-old United Nations process that led to the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, which the United States never ratified” (Restuccia, 11/25).