Climate Change Could Lead To Increased Number Of Deaths Worldwide, NEJM Report Says

CNN: 250,000 deaths a year from climate change is a ‘conservative estimate,’ research says
“Climate change could ‘halt and reverse’ progress made in human health over the last century. The grim analysis comes from one of the authors of a new report in the New England Journal of Medicine that suggests rising global temperatures could lead to many more deaths than the 250,000 a year the World Health Organization predicted just five years ago. … In reviewing the research on the topic, study co-author Sir Andrew Haines thinks our health is much more vulnerable to climate change — and he believes 250,000 deaths is a ‘conservative estimate.’ … An editorial accompanying the report urges medical professionals to take this report seriously. Its co-author, Dr. Caren Solomon, suggests doctors have a ‘special responsibility to safeguard health and alleviate suffering,’ and that mission should include working quickly to curtail greenhouse gas emissions…” (Christensen, 1/16).