Civil Society Plays Crucial Role In Child Health, Immunization In India

Huffington Post: Every Indian Child Deserves Complete Vaccination: Is The Government Doing Enough?
Sridhar Venkatapuram, lecturer in global health and philosophy at King’s College London

“…No matter how much better the situation [of child mortality in India] is than in years before, the present state [of] child health and mortality should be a national embarrassment and urgent policy issue, as most under-five deaths are entirely preventable. … Much of this could be avoided by providing all children with the necessary health care, including [a] complete set of vaccinations. … But as we have learned from so many government programs, a lot needs to be done to translate policy into reality on the ground. … [Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)] have a crucial role in bridging the reality of households and state and national level policymakers. It is CSOs who are able to accurately identify all the barriers to individual children getting access to health care, to identify the constraints on the right of children to be capable of being healthy” (10/21).