China’s Global Influence Impacting Response To Novel Coronavirus As Outbreak Begins To Spread Within Other Countries

Bloomberg: China’s Massive Economic Power Shapes Global Response to Virus
“As countries around the world enact measures to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus outbreak, there’s an additional factor shaping their response: China’s enormous economic clout. While wealthy countries such as the U.S. and Australia — both key trading partners of China — are currently barring entry to all non-resident travelers from the mainland as the virus spreads and fatalities rise, less developed countries that rely on Beijing are taking a softer approach as they balance public health concerns, the potential economic fallout, and domestic political consequences…” (Marlow/Heijmans, 2/3).

Washington Post: Spread of coronavirus threatens to strain U.S.-China relations along with global health system
“…The rapid spread of the virus has put Beijing on the defensive for what critics have called a slow initial response to contain it and a lack of transparency over the scale of the outbreak. In a briefing for reporters, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman attempted to deflect blame by citing an ‘overreaction’ from the U.S. government that has ‘spread fear’ and set a ‘bad example’ for other nations…” (Nakamura/Fifield, 2/3).

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