China Must Reform Vaccine Regulatory System, Restore Public’s Confidence In Vaccination Programs

The Lancet: Vaccine scandal and confidence crisis in China
Editorial Board

“…[The latest vaccine scandal in China involving the country’s vaccine regulatory system and the administration of substandard vaccines] follows on from a series of fake and substandard food and drugs issues in China. As a result, many parents have lost faith in the vaccine system. … The national immunization program has helped China achieve tremendous health gains. However, the current vaccine confidence crisis seriously threatens this program. Above all, it is the government’s responsibility to ensure that the vaccines produced and used in China are effective and safe. To restore and sustain the public’s confidence in China’s vaccine quality and safety, it is urgent for the government to reflect on and reform where necessary the country’s vaccine regulatory system. A better understanding of the concerns of the public and more transparent and open regulation are essential to protect millions of children from preventable illnesses” (8/4).