China Launches Renewed Campaign Against Illegal Prenatal Gender Tests, Sex-Selective Abortion, State Media Reports

Reuters: China launches new campaign against sex-selective abortions
“China has begun a new campaign against illegal prenatal gender tests and sex-selective abortions to help address the country’s gender imbalance, state news agency Xinhua said on Wednesday…” (Blanchard, 5/6).

Wall Street Journal: China Tries to Fix Skewed Sex Ratios
“…The campaign, which runs from April to November, is targeting health centers and family planning clinics, as well as illegal fertility agencies and physicians, Xinhua said. The National Health and Family Planning Commission will also strengthen oversight on medical equipment and drugs used for gender testing and abortions, the agency added. … China prohibits gender tests on fetuses and sex-selective abortions, but the law hasn’t deterred many couples from finding ways to ensure they have sons — who can carry on the family line — instead of daughters…” (Wong, 5/6).