China, African Countries Will Work Together To Improve Health Care

“Recently, while attending the Ministerial Forum on China-Africa Health Development, representing the GAVI Alliance, … I was struck by the common legacy that China and countries across Africa share in overcoming [obstacles to health care delivery], and the important gains that have been made,” Mercy Ahun, the special representative for GAVI-eligible countries, writes in an Observer opinion piece. She describes the meeting and its outcomes, including the Beijing Declaration of the Ministerial Forum on China-Africa Health Development. “By working together as partners, China and African countries can help develop sustainable, local solutions to health challenges,” she writes, adding, “Addressing shortages of doctors, nurses and health technicians and improving health facilities are just some of the ways that the partnership can drive greater health impacts across the continent.” She discusses GAVI’s work in China, and continues, “Chinese and African partners will work closely with multilateral and international organizations to help strengthen and scale-up joint efforts.” Ahun adds, “Health plays a key role in reducing poverty and helping the world’s poorest communities build self-sufficiency and accelerate their own development. When people are healthy, they can reach their fullest potential” (8/27).