Children In Conflict Settings ‘Should Not Be Forgotten,’ New UNICEF U.K. President Says

Huffington Post: In My New Role, Children Across the World Who Face Violence, Disease, Hunger, and the Chaos of War Are at the Front of My Mind
Kirsty Young, president of UNICEF U.K.

“…This year, in my new role for UNICEF U.K., children across the world who face violence, disease, hunger, and the chaos of war are at the front of my mind. … I’m so proud to become the president of UNICEF U.K., which works tirelessly to ensure more of the world’s children are fed, vaccinated, educated, and protected than any other organization. … Over six and a half million children in Syria and across the region are in urgent need of aid. … Up to a million children are trapped by fighting inside the country, cut off from lifesaving supplies. In countries like Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq, more than one and a half million child refugees are struggling to cope in terrible conditions. The personal stories of these children should not be forgotten … As I settle into my new role, I look forward to working on projects that will help shine a light on children … and the danger they face” (1/6).