CGD’s ‘Voices Of Experience’ Event Speaks With 3 Former U.S. Treasury Under Secretaries For International Affairs About Economic Policies

Center for Global Development’s “U.S. Development Policy”: A Bipartisan View from Three Former Treasury Officials
Gailyn Portelance, a research assistant at CGD, discusses takeaways from a CGD event where “three former Treasury Under Secretaries for International Affairs took the stage: Tim Adams of the Institute of International Finance, Lael Brainard of the Federal Reserve, and Nathan Sheets of the Peterson Institute for International Economics. The conversation, moderated by CGD Board Member Tony Fratto, revealed the ‘esprit de corps’ of the International Affairs team, and covered everything from the central yet oft under-the-radar role the Office of International Affairs plays in the formulation and execution of international economic policy, to each Under Secretaries’ proudest moments. … [T]he event highlighted significant policy continuity across administrations and a nonpartisan approach to key decisions” (6/13).