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CGD Working Paper Examines Global Poverty

Oxfam’s “From Poverty to Power”: Who Are the World’s Poor? New overview from CGD
In this guest post, Andy Sumner, visiting fellow at CGD and reader in international development at King’s College London, describes a new CGD working paperĀ coauthored with Gisela Robles Aguilar, global burden of disease researcher with Oxford GBD Group, examining the global poor. Sumner writes, “In our paper, we present a new global poverty profile using the multidimensional poverty measure developed by Sabina Alkire and James Foster at the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative. We estimate a new global poverty profile for multidimensional poverty in 2015 based on 106 countries that account for 92 percent of the developing world’s population. Here are our three main findings: 1. The world’s poor are young, often children but not necessarily farmers … 2. Rural poverty is more about infrastructure. Urban poverty is more about child mortality and food … 3. Just how multidimensional poverty is depends on where you live…” (Green, 1/8).