New Research Papers Examine Pandemic’s Impacts On Poverty In Middle-Income Countries, Infection Fatality Rates In Developing World

Devex: Middle-income countries at risk of dramatic increases in poverty, report finds
“Poverty could dramatically increase in middle-income countries amid ‘a significant change in the distribution of global poverty’ sparked by the coronavirus pandemic, new research suggests. More than a billion people worldwide could be thrown into poverty in the most extreme scenario forecast by researchers from King’s College London and the Australian National University. The paper, published Friday by the United Nations University, predicts ‘there will likely be a dramatic spike in poverty rates in some of the middle-income countries that have made significant progress (against poverty) in recent years’…” (Worley, 6/12).

The Telegraph: Eight times more people could die of Covid-19 in developing world than previously thought
“Eight times more people could die of Covid-19 in some parts of the developing world than was previously thought, according to research. New modeling of the infection fatality rate — the percentage of people who die after contracting coronavirus — in countries including Brazil, India, and South Africa suggested that death tolls could be ‘dramatically’ higher than expected. The researchers at the Center for Global Development said the figures were so much higher for some countries because they took into account the impact of the relative weaknesses of the health systems in poorer countries, as well as pre-existing health conditions among the populations…” (Rigby, 6/12).