CGD Post Examines DAC, China Engagement In International Development

Center for Global Development: Common Values, Common Rules: How Should DAC Countries Engage with China in International Development?
Stephan Kyburz, visiting fellow at the Center for Global Development (CGD), and Yunnan Chen, examine DAC country engagement with China in international development. The authors write, “The People’s Republic of China is not a new development actor, but it is now a major one, and it brings distinct historical experiences and approaches to the table. While foreign aid and models of development have traditionally been the domain of Northern (transatlantic) countries, the emergence of new global powers — such as China — cannot be ignored. … A truly global international development regime should be based on shared values and common rules, while also respecting the wants and rights of recipient countries and societies. If the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) — the ‘traditional donors’ — find common ground and build mutual trust with China, improved understanding and learning, and transparency, may follow. The DAC countries need to find the right balance between building a trusted partnership with China and calling for integrity from all partners. For traditional donors to engage more effectively with China, they first must understand China’s different approach to development…” (2/12).