CGD Experts Discuss Future Of Gavi, Childhood Vaccination Coverage In MICs Transitioning From Support

Center for Global Development: Gavi Going Forward: Immunization for Every Child Everywhere?
Amanda Glassman, chief operating officer and senior fellow at the Center for Global Development and secretary of the board, and Liesl Schnabel, CGD program associate, discuss the future of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, writing, “The share of children who have received all eight WHO-recommended vaccinations by 12-23 months remains critically low in large middle-income countries (MICs) that are no longer eligible for Gavi support or are being phased out from support in the near future. … The real issue is whether Gavi’s job is done once the GNI-related eligibility transition period ends, or whether progress on the core mandate — every child everywhere reached (as well as global health security and elimination goals) — needs to be considered in deciding on eligibility and continued support…” (2/7).