CGD Expert Discusses Potential Value, Limitations Of USAID’s ‘Journey To Self-Reliance’ Roadmaps

Center for Global Development: USAID’s Country Roadmaps are a Small, Early Step on the Journey to Self-Reliance
Sarah Rose, policy fellow at CGD, discusses the potential value and limitations of USAID’s “Journey to Self-Reliance” roadmaps, writing, “Though the roadmaps are the first visible manifestation of USAID’s self-reliance approach, the ‘Journey’ is about so much more than metrics. … In the end, what really matters for advancing USAID’s self-reliance goals will be how missions meaningfully collaborate with local stakeholders; how plans to support partner country capacity and commitment are built into project activities; how procurements are structured to involve and build the capacity of local actors; how USAID takes a gradual, consultative, and well thought out approach to strategic transitions for select countries” (10/12).