CDC’s Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal Publishes Early Release Articles On South Korea TB Notification, Contact Tracing During COVID-19

CDC’s “Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal”: Early Release — Effect of COVID-19 on Tuberculosis Notification, South Korea
Nakwon Kwak, assistant professor and chest physician at Seoul National University Hospital, and colleagues examine the effect of COVID-19 on TB diagnoses in South Korea (July 2020).

CDC’s “Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal”: Early Release — Contact Tracing during Coronavirus Disease Outbreak, South Korea, 2020
Young Joon Park, preventive medicine physician leading the Epidemiology and Case Management Team for the COVID-19 National Emergency Response Center at the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and colleagues analyze South Korea’s COVID-19 contact-tracing program “to guide evidence-based policy to mitigate the pandemic” (7/16).