CDC Report Marks TB Progress In U.S.

News outlets report on a new report from the CDC on tuberculosis in the U.S.

NPR: Screening Immigrants For TB Pays Dividends In U.S.
“Hundreds of people with tuberculosis wishing to come to the U.S. have been stopped before they reached U.S. borders, says a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Physicians overseas picked up more than 1,100 cases in prospective immigrants and refugees prior to their arrival in the U.S. The cases include 14 people with multidrug-resistant TB, the CDC says…” (Neel, 3/20).

HealthDay: Tuberculosis in U.S. Hits Record Low: CDC
“Rates of tuberculosis in the United States are falling, with cases at a historic low, health officials reported Thursday…” (Reinberg, 3/20).

Science Speaks: TB successes and challenges in U.S. reflect those abroad
“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is recognizing next week’s World TB Day with a report documenting continued progress against tuberculosis … in the United States, along with [a] troubling trend. … [T]he proportion of the impact of tuberculosis on people born outside of the United States is increasing, with their rate of the disease about thirteen times that of people born here…” (Barton, 3/20).