Cancer Moonshot Plans Begin To Take Form

The Lancet: Launching a plan for the Cancer Moonshot
Editorial Board

“…Eight months ago [a Lancet] editorial worried that the aims of the Cancer Moonshot were nebulous and overly ambitious. Now, as the Moonshot plans unfold, we see opportunities for them to be more determined. … Among these, is beginning to plan a commission in consultation with the White House to bring granularity to the new recommendations [to accelerate cancer research]. Led by scientists and clinicians, with broad expertise, it will build on the panel’s 10 recommendations and identify specific, actionable research and investment priorities. Across multiple areas ranging from prevention and vaccine development to immunotherapy, genomics, big data, and pediatric cancer, the commission aims to spell out specific scientific and clinical priorities to focus funding decisions and help accelerate Moonshot plans. … [The report] will complement other public and private Moonshot partnerships, including that of The Lancet’s parent company, Elsevier, which is creating a benchmark of the current landscape of cancer research and collaboration in the USA” (9/17).