NIH, Pharma Companies Launch 5-Year, $215M Partnership for Accelerating Cancer Therapies

CQ HealthBeat: NIH Launches Cancer Research Partnership with Drug Industry
“The Trump administration on Thursday announced a cancer research partnership between the National Institutes of Health and 11 pharmaceutical companies, continuing an Obama-era program known as the ‘cancer moonshot’…” (Siddons, 10/12).

The Hill: NIH, drug companies launch Cancer Moonshot partnership
“…The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is partnering with 11 biopharmaceutical companies to form the Partnership for Accelerating Cancer Therapies (PACT), a five-year, $215 million initiative. It’s part of the Cancer Moonshot, an effort pushed by former Vice President Joe Biden after he lost his son to brain cancer in 2015…” (Roubein, 10/12).

Reuters: U.S. NIH, 11 drugmakers partner to accelerate cancer therapy research
“…In a Thursday press conference announcing the collaboration, Reed Cordish, who heads the Office of American Innovation, an initiative led by President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, said the program represents the ‘type of collaboration and partnership between the private sector and government that this administration is trying to foster across many sectors’…” (Steenhuysen, 10/12).

STAT: To accelerate new cancer treatments, NIH will team up with pharma on immunotherapy research
“…The Partnership for Accelerating Cancer Therapies, or PACT, is a five-year agreement to push ahead with research that seeks to ‘identify, develop, and validate robust biomarkers — standardized biological markers of disease and treatment response — to advance new immunotherapy treatments that harness the immune system to attack cancer,’ the agency said…” (Facher, 10/12).