BuzzFeed News Examines Impacts Of Trump Administration’s Expanded Mexico City Policy In Nepal

BuzzFeed News: Trump’s Anti-Abortion Policies Have Created A Nightmare For Women In Nepal
“…Since 2017, experts fearing the worst issued warnings about the repercussions of Trump’s expanded [Mexico City] policy, but had no way to assess the impact on the ground. Now, a collaboration between BuzzFeed News and the Kathmandu Post has found that everything rights groups feared as a result of the expanded [global gag rule (GGR)] is unfolding in real time. In Nepal, where one-third of the country’s GDP comes from remittances, curtailed USAID funding has led to staff reductions and the closure of clinics, and women and men have lost access to conversations about consent, contraception, and HIV. … This is the story of how a decision made in Washington, by a man elected to office by U.S. voters, has turned life-threatening for women in one of the poorest countries in the world, where the vast majority cannot access doctors and clinics, where child marriage is still a common practice, and, although maternal mortality has improved, deaths have historically been high…” (Jha/Rai, 11/2).