Buruli Ulcer Reaching Epidemic Levels In Some Areas Of Australia; Researchers Working To Learn More About Disease Transmission

ABC’s RN Breakfast: Flesh-eating ulcer found in Africa is spreading rapidly in Australia, and reaching epidemic proportions in regions of Victoria
“…The Buruli ulcer is a rare tropical disease caused by bacteria related to leprosy and tuberculosis. This flesh-eating ulcer is commonly found in Africa but it’s rapidly spreading in Australia, with numbers increasing in regions of Victoria — leaving experts baffled and calling for more government funding to stop it…” (Kelly, 4/17).

Washington Post: Flesh-eating ulcer ‘epidemic’ hits parts of Australia. Scientists don’t have answers.
“The spread of a flesh-eating ulcer in parts of Australia is being described as a ‘rapidly worsening epidemic’ and, to make matters worse, researchers say they don’t know exactly where it comes from or how it is transmitted. … In 2017, there were 275 reported cases in Victoria, a 51 percent increase from 2016, [Daniel O’Brien, deputy director of the department of infectious diseases at Barwon Health in Victoria,] said. Additionally, the number of cases classified as severe have doubled in the last five or six years, he said. Victoria is one of the country’s most populous states, home to the city of Melbourne…” (Chiu, 4/17).

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