Brookings Experts Examine Refugee Crisis In Venezuela, International Response

Brookings: Venezuela refugee crisis to become the largest and most underfunded in modern history
Dany Bahar, fellow, and Meagan Dooley, research analyst, both with the Global Economy and Development Program at Brookings, examine the refugee crisis in Venezuela and the international response. The authors write, “There are no simple solutions — the crisis is politically complex, protracted, and involves over 17 regional host nations. Yet a key first step must be greater coordination between host nations and donors. While host countries, alongside UNHCR and IOM, have put together a platform for regional coordination (the Quito Process), countries have yet to agree on a comprehensive response plan, both in terms of policies and joint fundraising efforts. Key areas for policy collaboration include improved border management, a unified cross-border identification system, voluntary regional reallocation schemes, and joint infrastructure investments” (12/9).