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Brazil’s Government Making Effort To Keep Up With Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dengue Cases

New York Times: 10 Days of Dengue Fever
Vanessa Barbara, columnist for O Estado de São Paulo and editor of A Hortaliça

“…I was one of the roughly 500,000 Brazilians infected with dengue fever in the first three months of 2015, over half of them in the state of São Paulo, according to the Ministry of Health. … It took three weeks for me to find out for sure it was dengue, after a test at a private laboratory showed that my blood serum contained antibodies to the disease. The situation is even worse within the public health system. … The São Paulo authorities are making an effort to fill in the gaps. … [T]he same story plays out every year, with different excuses. According to the World Health Organization, the incidence of dengue worldwide has increased thirtyfold over the last 50 years. More than 40 percent of the world’s population is now at risk of being infected, including people in developed countries…” (5/1).