Drought, Water Crisis Blamed For Dengue Spread In Brazil

Bloomberg View: Brazilians Spraying and Praying for Dengue Vaccine Breakthrough
“…Amid one of their worst outbreaks of dengue fever — 460,000 people infected and 132 dead this year — Brazilians are understandably jumpy. … Once a mostly Asian affliction, the dengue virus has gone global because of breakneck urbanization, bad management of water, haphazard public health care, and travel on jets that can take passengers anywhere overnight…” (Margolis, 4/24).

Los Angeles Times: Drought blamed for upsurge in dengue fever in Brazil
“Brazil’s armed forces have joined the battle against an outbreak of deadly dengue fever in São Paulo, South America’s largest city, a jump blamed in part on the severe drought and water crisis plaguing the region…” (Bevins, 4/24).