Brazil Possibly Next COVID-19 Epicenter; 7 U.N. Agencies Urge Libyan Ceasefire To Contain Virus; Lesotho Last African Nation To Confirm Coronavirus Case; Russian Health System Strains Under High Caseload


AP: Burundi kicks out top WHO official in country ahead of vote (Ssuuna/Anna, 5/14).

AP: Lesotho becomes last African nation to confirm a virus case (Moyo, 5/13).

The Guardian: Lesotho records first coronavirus case a week after lifting lockdown (Charumbira, 5/13).

PRI: Coronavirus — and locusts — threaten Kenya’s food security (Kusmer, 5/13).


New York Times: Duterte’s Shutdown of TV Network Leaves Void Amid Coronavirus Crisis (Gutierrez, 5/14).

Quartz: One country might emerge from the pandemic stronger than before (Timsit, 5/13).

Wall Street Journal: China’s Wuhan Revs Up Testing Amid Second-Wave Coronavirus Fears (Fan, 5/13).


Bloomberg: Experts Question Why Coronavirus Hasn’t Killed More Russians (Meyer, 5/13).

POLITICO: Italy adopts massive coronavirus economic package (Leali, 5/13).

Wall Street Journal: Britain Starts Easing Lockdown as Pressure Builds on Boris Johnson (Douglas/Colchester, 5/13).

Wall Street Journal: The Dr. Fauci of Eastern Ukraine Tackles Coronavirus After Years of War (Marson, 5/13).

Washington Post: Russia’s coronavirus cases are spiking and the health system is struggling to keep pace (Dixon/Abbakumova, 5/13).


BBC: Coronavirus: Brazil records highest daily rise in deaths (Watson, 5/13).

DW: Coronavirus pandemic: Is Brazil the new epicenter? (Walter, 5/13).

New York Times: Latin America’s Outbreaks Now Rival Europe’s. But Its Options Are Worse (Kurmanaev et al., 5/12).


Al Jazeera: Saudi Arabia to enforce coronavirus curfew during Eid (5/13).

AP: 7 U.N. agencies urge Libya cease-fire to contain coronavirus (Lederer, 5/13).


Los Angeles Times: The whole world is spending to fight coronavirus. In Mexico, the leftist president is making cuts (Linthicum, 5/13).

Wall Street Journal: Coronavirus Testing Needs to Grow Sharply in U.S., House Panel Is Told (Burton, 5/13).

Washington Post: Mexico to start reopening border region, other areas as coronavirus lockdown eases (Sheridan, 5/13).

The Week: Experts believe Mexico’s coronavirus cases could be 17 times higher than official tally (Garcia, 5/13).