Bonds, Blended Finance, Private Sector Involvement Vital To Achieving UHC

Devex: Opinion: More money alone won’t meet SDG 3
Susann Roth, senior social development specialist at the Asian Development Bank

“…Health care … is essentially a business, and as such needs proper funding mechanisms to deliver quality service. … As traditional donor grants are harder to come by, it’s time to find new ways to access money. Bonds and blended finance can help, and engaging the private sector will be critical. Bonds can support large-scale health and social infrastructure investment. … [B]lended finance can help make even the most expensive loans more accessible. … [T]he third option to increase health funding in developing Asia is to work with the private sector. … To move forward on health financing in developing Asia, we need solutions as well as money. Funds must be targeted to each country, align with national health plans, and be followed by serious government efforts to attract the private sector. Only then can we aspire to attain universal health coverage” (7/17).