Bloomberg Examines Philip Morris International’s Efforts To Move Away From Cigarette Sales, Engage With WHO

Bloomberg: Philip Morris Rebuffed by WHO as It Tries to Rewrite Narrative
“Philip Morris International Inc. is trying to burnish its image, most recently among the international, socially conscientious elite at Davos. But even as its upcoming earnings are expected to underscore its migration away from cigarettes, the World Health Organization says it’s not buying into the idea that the tobacco giant is ‘healthier’ than before. … If the WHO and tobacco companies are able to work together, Philip Morris says they can better encourage adult smokers who would otherwise keep buying cigarettes to switch to vaping or other alternatives it calls lower risk. … But the health organization doesn’t want to work with a company that still supplies 813 billion cigarettes a year to smokers outside the U.S…” (Kary et al., 2/6).