Blogs, Releases Address Various COVID-19 Issues, Including Impacts On Food Security, Other Disease Initiatives, Vaccination Programs

Brookings: Middle East food security amid the COVID-19 pandemic
Omer Karasapan, partner with Strategies for Stability (7/14).

Friends of the Global Fight: Webinar: The Impacts of COVID-19 on AIDS, Tuberculosis & Malaria Programs in Africa (7/14).

IMFBlog: Why Sustainable Food Systems are Needed in a post-COVID World
Nicoletta Batini, scholar of innovative monetary and fiscal policy practices in the IMF’s Independent Evaluation Office, and colleagues (7/14).

UNAIDS: Delivering antiretroviral medicines to homes in Côte d’Ivoire and Nigeria (7/14).

UNDP: In CAR, violence against women is surging amid COVID-19 pandemic, study finds (7/14).

UNICEF: Delivering life-saving vaccines during the COVID-19 pandemic (7/15).

World Economic Forum: What philanthropy can do to fight pandemics and future health crises
James Chen, chair of the Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation in Hong Kong SAR (7/15).

WHO: How WHO is supporting ongoing vaccination efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic (7/14).