Blog Posts Discuss Outcomes, Next Steps From Global Conference On Primary Care In Astana

PLOS Blogs: After Astana: The post-conference agenda for global primary health care
Luke Allen, physician, Oxford academic clinical fellow, and global health analyst, provides a summary of topics discussed at the Global Conference on Primary Care in Astana, Kazakhstan. Allen writes, “Advancing primary health care — efficient, effective, and equitable — requires personal commitment and difficult structural reform. I urge politicians and policymakers to honor the promises made in Astana in pursuit of ‘health for all'” (10/30).

U.N. Dispatch: Countries Around the World Just Pledged to Provide Decent Primary Health Care to All Their Citizens
Alanna Shaikh, international development consultant, discusses outcomes from the conference, including the Astana declaration, which “ends with this, ‘Together we can and will achieve health and well-being for all, leaving no one behind.’ That’s an ambitious goal, and it’s going to require serious top-level commitment to make it happen. … However, current global health funding levels simply aren’t high enough to bring this kind of change” (10/30).