Global Leaders Must Commit To Renewing All Aspects Of Primary Health Care In Astana

The Lancet: The Astana Declaration: the future of primary health care?
Editorial Board

“…[On October 25 and 26], the Global Conference on Primary Health Care will … meet in Astana, Kazakhstan, to endorse the Astana Declaration. The aim is to renew political commitment from member states and global organizations to developing people-centered primary health care, building on the principles of the Alma-Ata Declaration. A renaissance in primary health care is essential to provide health for all, including the most vulnerable. … The health workforce is a key contributor to the performance and sustainability of health systems — no more so than in primary health care. … Recruitment and retention of community health workers, nurses, and doctors must improve in most regions of the world. Making primary health care a more attractive working environment is crucial to recruit and retain the best staff. … The Astana Declaration marks the beginning of a better future for primary health care. Leadership after the Astana meeting is essential to rejuvenate and revitalize all aspects of primary health care” (10/20).