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Blockades Preventing Food, Medical Supplies From Reaching Civilians In Syria, Reuters Reports

“Forces loyal to [Syrian] President Bashar al-Assad have used partial sieges to root out rebel forces from residential areas during the civil war, … [b]ut a recent tightening of blockades around areas near the capital is causing starvation and death, residents and medical staff say,” Reuters reports in a feature story examining “how blockades are being used as a weapon in a war that grew out of pro-democracy protests in the summer of 2011, increasing an already grave humanitarian crisis.” The news agency writes, “Food and medicine, which could be used by the warring parties, are rarely allowed to enter besieged areas and the movement of civilians in and out is restricted,” as “[b]oth sides use checkpoints to mark territory and prevent the movement of enemy fighters and supporters.” Reuters details a lack of food and medical supplies in different parts of the country, noting, “Local doctors sent Reuters videos showing six cases of death from malnutrition. Most of the victims were children” (10/30).