Bill Gates Writes Thank You Letter To Polio Workers, Presents Photo Essay Marking World Polio Day

Gates Notes: Dear Polio Fighter…
Writing on his personal blog, Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, presents a thank you letter to the “international coalition of people fighting the disease: the volunteers and front-line health workers who go out and deliver vaccines, the leaders who make it a priority, the funders who underwrite the work.” In the letter, Gates writes, “For me personally, it is an honor to support your amazing work. One day we will come together to celebrate the end of polio, and the world will know that it was only possible because of what you are doing” (10/22).

Gates Notes: Scenes From the Polio Fight
This photo essay with text by Bill Gates presents scenes from around the world to mark the occasion of World Polio Day, recognized on October 24, and highlight progress in efforts to eradicate the disease (10/22).