Bill Gates Speaks About Meeting With U.S. President Trump To Discuss Foreign Aid, Global Health Spending

Fortune: Why Bill Gates Is Counting on President Trump to Change His Mind on Foreign Aid
“Bill Gates said he hopes President Donald Trump will be ‘pragmatic’ and will rethink his proposed cuts to health spending and foreign aid. … The billionaire philanthropist met with Trump at the White House last month, after the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation criticized the cuts to foreign aid included in Trump’s proposed budget…” (Reilly, 4/19).

STAT: The education of President Trump by Bill Gates, global health advocate
“…In a recent interview with STAT, the philanthropist talked about how he made the case for global health — and vaccines — to Trump. … Gates … said he believed that Congress would use a more measured approach to crafting next year’s budget. Many of the elected representatives there have traveled to distant parts of the world to see how U.S. aid money changes lives. The Gates Foundation has organized many of those trips; Gates calls those efforts ‘the most valuable thing we’ve done’…” (Branswell, 4/20).