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Bill Gates On Three Myths That ‘Block Progress For The Poor’

Major news outlets speak with Bill Gates about foreign aid and the three myths that he says “block progress for the poor.”

TIME: Bill Gates Talks to TIME About the Three Myths of Global Aid
“…In their 2014 annual letter, both Bill and Melinda Gates take on what they call the three great global aid myths: that poor countries will always be poor; that foreign aid is a waste, with money inevitably vanishing into the pockets of corrupt officials or being misspent by inept bureaucracies; and that saving lives in the developing world will only lead to overpopulation. … Gates elaborated on these and other ideas in a conversation with TIME. … As his answers show, he remains both optimist and realist…” (Kluger, 1/21).

Washington Post: Bill Gates: ‘Capitalism did not eradicate smallpox’
In an interview with the Washington Post, Bill Gates comments on what he writes in his foundation’s 2014 annual letter about the three myths that block progress for the poor. He says, “I’m not saying fulfilling the development agenda makes the world all good. But in terms of injustice and equity, doubling down to finish the development agenda should be the top priority” (Klein, 1/21).