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Ahead Of Scheduled Meeting With President Trump, Bill Gates Discusses Importance Of Foreign Aid, Global Health Investments In POLITICO Interview

GeekWire: Bill Gates to meet with President Trump at the White House, plans to stress importance of foreign aid
“After meetings with Ireland’s prime minister and the American Petroleum Institute, President Trump on Thursday [was scheduled to sit] down with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. … The discussion [was to be] closed to press, but in an interview with POLITICO on Thursday morning Gates shared some of what’s on his mind: Namely, the importance of foreign aid…” (Soper, 3/14).

The Hill: Bill Gates criticizes ‘America first rhetoric’ ahead of Trump meeting
“Bill Gates criticized President Trump’s foreign policy rhetoric hours before his meeting with the president on Thursday, promising to make the case for increased foreign aid. During a Q&A session at a POLITICO event, the Microsoft founder said that U.S. international aid has done a lot of good…” (Neidig, 3/15).

POLITICO: Bill Gates: I don’t agree with Trump’s America first rhetoric
“… ‘Yeah, I don’t agree with the American first rhetoric. That is, I think the alliances that we’ve built over time and the help we’ve provided to countries uplifting them … have made the world a more stable, a richer place,’ Gates said in an interview with POLITICO Playbook authors Anna Palmer and Jake Sherman. ‘I’ll take [Trump’s] framework and explain why things like health security and continued foreign aid, even in that narrow framework, where you give no credit for saving lives in Africa, kind of pure humanitarian things, even without that, this is money well spent,’ he added later…” (Nelson, 3/15).