Better Data Collection Necessary To Formulate, Evaluate Post-2015 Development Goals

Morning Star: Rethinking The Millennium Development Goals For The World Of Today
Sarah Edwards, head of policy and campaigns at Health Poverty Action

Noting the release of a new report from Health Poverty Action on the post-2015 development agenda, Edwards writes, “…The report states that current methods of data collection, which fail to break down health information by ethnic group, are covering up huge disparities between the health of ethnic minorities and majority populations. … It is nothing less than shameful that the deaths of thousands of the world’s most vulnerable women remain hidden and unaddressed through the failure to collect vital information about them. Many, many more could face the same fate, without decisive moves by Britain, other nations, institutions and non-governmental groups. We cannot stand back and let avoidable tragedies continue to cut short so many lives” (2/3).