World Leaders Must Use ‘Power Of Data’ To Drive Development Efforts

Devex: Opinion: Global leaders should invest in data that improves lives
Gayle E. Smith, president and CEO of the ONE Campaign, and Hicham Oudghiri, co-founder and CEO of New York-based data and technology company Enigma

“…As the United Nations World Data Forum opened in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, this week, we believe that world leaders should commit to tapping into the power of data to transform the fight against extreme global poverty. … Without reliable data, we are unable to address economic, environmental, and health challenges around the world. … In a 21st century, data-driven world, countries should have the basic information necessary to take informed decisions about where to build schools and know how many children will use them, and where to direct medical resources most effectively. … We must start treating data as we would any other public utility or major infrastructure: as an investment in our collective future. Let us begin by investing in data that helps end extreme poverty” (10/22).