At International Conference, Global Community, Religious Leaders Asked To Do More To Prevent Child Marriage, FGM, Treat Women Survivors

Agence France-Presse: African religious leaders called on to help tackle genital mutilation
“Religious leaders in Africa must speak up against the practice of female genital mutilation, which affects millions of children across the continent, an international conference in Dakar said Tuesday…” (6/18).

The Guardian: Senior Islamic cleric issues fatwa against child marriage
“One of the world’s most prestigious centers of Islamic learning has issued a fatwa against child marriage, saying marriage should be based on the consent of both parties and ‘particularly the young woman.’ The deputy grand imam of al-Azhar, considered by some Muslims to be the highest authority of Islamic jurisprudence, hammered out the document with his team and young activists at the first African summit on child marriage and female genital mutilation, which took place in Senegal this week…” (Maclean, 6/21).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: African survivors of female circumcision call for help with mental trauma
“African survivors of female genital mutilation (FGM) said mental health services are their biggest need and urged governments and charities to provide support for dealing with long-term trauma. Survivors and activists from across the continent attending a summit on FGM and child marriage in Senegal this week said mental health should have been on the agenda…” (Peyton, 6/18).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: New dresses, youth action: ending female circumcision in Africa
“…Here are some quotes from participants at the summit, which ended on Tuesday, on priorities for ending FGM in Africa…” (Peyton, 6/18).