As Novel Coronavirus Continues To Spread Worldwide, WHO DG Warns Of Lifting Restrictions Too Soon; True COVID-19 Case Numbers Unknown In Many Nations

AP: Poorer nations face bigger risk in easing virus restrictions (Karam et al., 4/17).

AP: ‘Tip of the iceberg:’ Nations struggle to count virus toll (Parra et al., 4/17).

Reuters: Africa may see millions of coronavirus cases, tentative WHO forecast shows (Miriri/Houreld, 4/16).

U.N. News: Coronavirus pandemic threatens crises-ravaged communities, U.N. appeals for global support (4/16).

U.N. News: COVID-19 storm strengthens across Europe, controlling transmission everywhere, essential: Tedros (4/16).

Vox: No country has beaten the coronavirus yet (Irfan, 4/16).

Wall Street Journal: WHO Chief Warns About Easing Social Distancing Too Early Amid Coronavirus Pandemic (Alpert/Roland, 4/16).