Architectural Design Contributes To Cholera Treatment, Prevention In Haiti

New York Times: In Haiti, a Building Fights Cholera
John Cary, architect and author

“…[T]he Cholera Treatment Center, operated by Les Centres Gheskio [and built by MASS Design Group, a Boston-based nonprofit organization that specializes in architecture that promotes dignity and justice in resource-limited settings,] … provides primary care services free of charge to people suffering from tuberculosis, malnutrition, and other life threatening conditions in an area of the Haitian capital that is home to 60,000 Haitians. … To be sure, the cholera treatment center is not solely responsible for halting the [disease’s] spread in Gheskio’s target area. Gheskio also developed a robust water chlorination program and maintains its own factory to produce chlorine. The organization also supports and participates in broad efforts by the Ministry of Health to raise public awareness about symptoms and the risk of contamination throughout the country. … By uniquely combining patient care with on-site water treatment, Gheskio’s center also holds lessons for other regions struggling to contain cholera or facing it in the future…”